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I offer 1:1 Body Mind Coaching and Therapy:

Body Mind coaching and therapy are both powerful and effective ways to explore your relationship with your body and mind, reconnect with your existing internal resources as well as develop new ones.

Coaching or Therapy?

In my experience coaching and therapy are both useful processes of change that enable us to be at our best more of the time.

You may know if you are interested in coaching or therapy; however, if you are unclear about what the difference is and therefore unsure which will most help you be at your best, I give a short description below.

The focus of attention in coaching is on creating practical actions plans to achieve specific goals in the future. The core question is “What do I need to do to get from here to there?”

Body Mind coaching may help you if you are wanting to explore issues such as

  • Find new ways of working
  • Reduce stress levels to create work-life balance
  • Be more assertive with a colleague you find difficult
  • Overcome self-doubt that may be holding you back from achieving your goals or performance outcomes.

Whereas in therapy, the focus of attention is on understanding how and why our past experience is impacting our ability to function and be at our best now. The core question is “What do I need to heal so I feel comfortable in my own skin and can live fully in the present?”

Body Mind therapy can help with a wide range of issues, from the more easily identifiable such as anxiety & depression and relationship problems to non-specific issues such as feeling emotionally confused and uncertain what you want from life.

What does Body Mind mean?

In essence, a Body Mind approach means understanding

  • what we experience in our body (sensations, feelings, muscle tension)
  • what goes on in our mind (thoughts, reflections, fantasies)
  • how both these influence our behaviour and relationships.

It is also rooted in the well-recognised interconnection between our biology, neurology and psychology.

When we are unable to express what is happening on an emotional level our feelings can become embodied; that is they can become literally trapped in our muscles and body tissues creating fixed patterns of how we hold and move our body. For example we might hunch our shoulders or clench our jaw.

Likewise, our thoughts too can become embodied - a habitual part of our mind creating fixed internal beliefs about who we are. For example “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t cook/do maths/understand technology...”.

Whilst the focus of attention and the goals may differ in coaching and therapy, the overall outcome in both is what I call “integration”; that is being at our best where we feel at ease with who we are and how we are living our life; we feel comfortable in our own skin, free from confusion and inner conflict.

How does coaching or therapy with me work in practice?

I offer a free 30-minute initial consultation where we discuss the changes or issues you want to work on as well as explore whether coaching or therapy would be the best approach to start with. Whichever approach we agree is not fixed in stone and can be reviewed at any time.

At the first session we spend some time discussing and agreeing more specific goals for the work including how long it might take. Again, this is not fixed in stone and we can review or re-negotiate it at any time. Subsequent sessions will unfold in line with this initial agreement.

The “tools” I use for both coaching and therapy include talking, listening, movement, breathing, energy, attentive awareness, and touch. Please note that any direct physical contact between us will only be with your express agreement.

We will review our progress regularly to ensure you are getting what you want and that we are both clear on what is working well and change anything not working so well.

My Role

My ethos is that of working in partnership. I am not there as an “expert” as I believe you are your own best expert. Equally, I am not there to do it for you. Rather, I offer you a compassionate safe space, acting as your guide and witness, sharing my observations and knowledge to support you in doing for yourself.

Your Role

For your part, a desire to learn and grow, a willingness to engage with yourself honestly and the courage to explore what might feel like the unknown will help you get the most from either coaching or therapy.

Book your free 30-minute initial consultation now…

We can all benefit from both coaching and therapy at different times through our lives. If you find yourself wondering why – after all the things you have tried already – you still lack confidence or don’t feel at ease with yourself I can help you. Why not book your free 30-minute initial consultation now and give yourself the opportunity to find out:

  • Whether coaching or therapy is the best option for you right now
  • What might be the most useful aspect of your experience for you to focus on
  • How often we might meet & how many sessions might be helpful?

This consultation also allows us to get a sense of each other and if we want to work together: whilst it is essential that you feel safe and confident that you want to work with me, it is equally important for me to be clear that I can support you to be at your best.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Both therapy and coaching sessions typically last 75 mins. I am willing to discuss varying this to accommodate any particular needs you may have.

I offer a free 30 minute initial phone consultation.

Thereafter sessions cost £60 and last 75 minutes.

I am open to discussing a concessionary rate with you if you are unwaged or have a low income.

I am predominantly offering Body Mind therapy and Coaching sessions online via Zoom at the moment.  If you prefer face-to-face sessions we can discuss how we can make this work in the light of any Covid restrictions or safety measures.  Face-to-face sessions would take place in my therapy room in West Kirby.

NB. My therapy room is situated on the first floor and so is not fully accessible, so I am happy to discuss alternative venues if you have any disability or condition that means stairs are unworkable for you.

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"The body always leads us home . . . if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight, or feeling."

Pat Ogden